WP Job Hunter

WordPress Plugin to create Job Board Widget or any job related affiliate website with monetizing your blog by Indeed, CareerJet or SimplyHired. WordPress Job Hunter helps you to integrate many of jobs, you can choose them by keywords, location, or country. Three service providers (Indeed, CareerJet, SimplyHired) grants you to get maximum worldwide coverage. You can use direct linked jobs on your WordPress page without using your website database or set up the auto post function to save the jobs as standard posts.

The plugin allows you to integrate the jobs feed with the popular JobRoller WordPress Theme, just one click and you can use the jobs as custom post types. Don’t need any technical knowledge or skills to create your own Job Portal. You can use the built in three different shortcodes.

The plugin is available exclusively on CodeCanyon.net in WordPress version. It of has a detailed documentation, free support and updates.


Responsive, Mobile-Friendly

The plugin fits to your theme, if your WordPress Theme is responsive, your visitors will enjoy the same visualisation on any screen, including mobiles and tablets

Jobroll Widget

Provides a Job Widget with fully separated options, therefore you can use it to monetize any of your website regardless to that niche.

Social Share Buttons

Optional Facebook and Google Plus share buttons ensures your job pages will get enough visitors through the social networks.

Cross-Browser Compatible

Tested on all major browsers, including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera.


The ability of including direct jobs from the service providers keeps your WordPress database clean, it doesn’t store the datas


Setting up Cron or calling a link manually, it can save the jobs to your website as default post to increase the pages of your site. Higher page number can generate more traffic from search engines.

Job Search

Indeed.com API provides an AJAX based search form with pager. You can insert it to any of your pages and customize the template to fit to your design.

Custom Templates

Using the shortcodes, the jobs inserted directly from the service providers. Each of them has a separated HTML template. With some HTML and CSS knowledge it is easy to customize.

Smart Tags

It has an ability to generate the tags automatically from the title and the content. You need to specify only the excluded words.

Custom Categories

On the plugin admin area, optionally you can create your own categories with keywords. The auto-posted jobs will be categorized by the keywords.

What our users are saying?

StarStarStarStarStar 4.62 / 13 ratings

Honestly for just using this plugin for the last several hours i’m very impressed. This is a fantastic piece of code and it is well thought out with great short code integration. I hope you grow it to include other job search apis and more functionality to grow this plugin even better and more successful. Thankspogolshani

This author goes above and beyond. This plugin is perfect for what I need, and when a small issue arose, it was fixed before I got home from grocery shopping on Sunday. Talk about amazing customer support. I am extremely pleased and impressed!BeachWebDesign

Pantherius has to be one of the most enthusiastic and responsive developers we’ve got at ThemeForest. He not only responded to my emails quickly but also worked with me in short sprints to develop an extension to his existing plugin. Thanks to our collaboration the plugin now has support for a new job site – SimplyHired. Excellent job mate!!! Well done.tangowhisky37


Regular Licence: This is the most common License Type. The Regular License allows you to use the plugin on one website (single end product) which end users are not charged to access or use. It means, you can’t sell that item wordwide. If you are a Freelancer or Digital Studio, you can charge your client. You have to buy a copy for each website you would like to use.

Extended Licence: With Extended License you can use the item in one single end product, which you or one client may sell to end users (end users can be charged). Extenden Licence is allows you to create a product built on the plugin and sell it on any Envato Marketplace.