Twitter Timeline Slider

This plugin gives an opportunity for the visitors to Follow you or Reply, Retweet and mark as Favorite your tweets through your own website. When someone retweet, reply or mark as Favorite your tweet, that will display for the other users and they can easily follow you and visit your website. With this trick, you can get much more visitors and followers, therefore your website traffic can be increased much more. You can lock the screen and set up a timer or you can allow for the users to close the slider. If you don’t allow to close the slider, it still opened until the visitor reply or retweet any of your tweets.
More followers, retweets, more visibility on Twitter, much more audience.

The plugin is available exclusively on in WordPress and Standalone (jQuery) versions with completely the same features. Both of has a detailed documentation, free support and updates.


Fixed Position

The slider has a fixed position, therefore the users always has an option to leave a comment, like or share your website.


Contains more than 100 languages, you will be find the language you want.

Cross-Browser Compatible

Tested on all major browsers, including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera.


Easy to set up to automatically open the slider when the visitor reach the bottom of the page.

Retweet, Reply, Follow

Your visitors can quickly make interactions on your website, because the slider also contains a retweet, reply and follow buttons.

Animated Display

Built with the latest technology, using smooth animations and jQuery Easing Effects.


This feature lock the screen with a dark background to hide the content, therefore it is possible to force the users to follow you to see the website.

Responsive, Mobile-Friendly

The sldiers always fit to the user’s device, your visitors will enjoy the same experience on any screen, including mobiles and tablets

Color Schemes

You can select light or dark color scheme to make perfectly fit to your content. The style of the slider easily editable via the CSS file.

Custom Icons

The default Twitter Icon has three different sizes, that you can select. If you would like to use your own icon it has an ability to replace the default one.



Regular Licence: This is the most common License Type. The Regular License allows you to use the plugin on one website (single end product) which end users are not charged to access or use. It means, you can’t sell that item wordwide. If you are a Freelancer or Digital Studio, you can charge your client.

Extended Licence: With Extended License you can use the item in one single end product, which you or one client may sell to end users (end users can be charged). Extenden Licence is allows you to create a product built on the plugin and sell it on any Envato Marketplace.