Simple Subscription Popup

Simple Subscription Popup is a jQuery Plugin that provides innovative solutions to include email signup form to your website.

MailChimp is the one of the best, free email list manager. To use Simple Signup Form, you just have to register on their website and connect the plugin to your created email list. Quick and Simple! Possible to set the font families, background colors, font colors, position and much more unique settings in just minutes. Use the Subscription Form Builder to design the form that can perfectly fits to your website. Provides unlimited color variations, any hex or rgba colors are allowed, you will get wide variety of additional customization options.

The position of the popup is dynamic, technically it can appears on any part of the website. It is a simple configuration option, you can pass it with the position attribute during the initialization. Using Google Fonts, possible to implement more than 650 custom font families, includes only the chosen ones to improve the performance. The Popup window is sliding in under 0.4 seconds by default, but your can set up any other values. From slow animation to very fast, you will find the best for you. Enabling MailChimp connection is optional, but you can get a notifications about every successful signups. With the Auto-Open function you can schedule the application to display the signup form automatically without any user activity. Also brings you the option to display the subscription form when the visitor scrolled down to a specified position. Using the latest technologies to reach the maximum performance, therefore it's provides hardware accelerated animations combined with jQuery. As a result it is smooth and fast on all major browsers.

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Please note, images are not the part of the plugin, you can add your own photos to the form.


Hint: you can use opensspopup classname on any element to get displayed the popup when someone clicked on. Close the popup and click here to try out!

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