Phantom Touch Slider

Phantom Slider is a Super Light Weight jQuery Slider that you can use as fullscreen slider or in a windowed mode. It is using jQuery Easing Effects combined with simple slide and fade animations, therefore you can use more than 60 animation variations. If you looking for a slider that can provides larger variety of features, you can check out the Theme Slider Plugin, it is also touch enabled and responsive.

Phantom Slider provides an optional animated captions and unlimited layers.

The plugin built for jQuery and available for free on GitHub.



You can download it from GitHub for completely free.

Unlimited Layers

Any layers can be included, the number of slides only depends on the image sizes and your website performance.

Cross-Browser Compatible

Tested on all major browsers, including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera.

Mobile Swipe Ready

Completely control swipes on touch screens, users can use their fingers to scroll to the next or to the previous slide. Arrow keys are also usable on the keyboard for this purpose.

Slide and Fade Animations

Provides more than 60 animations combined with jQuery Easing Effects, that can grants you a huge variety of Sliding and Fading transitions.

Clean Code

The pugin size is less than 5kB, it is the one of the smallest jQuery plugins. It has an unpackaged developer version and a minified, obfuscated version in the download package.

Animated Captions with HTML

Optionally you can enable animated captions, specify the animation time for it and customize via CSS. Accepts any HTML contents in the caption.

Responsive, Mobile-Friendly

The plugin always fits to the container element, fully responsive and mobile friendly.

Methods for Developers

If you are a Developer, you can use the following methods to control the slider outside of the plugin: autoplay, scroll to the next slide, scroll to the previous slide.

MIT Licence

The plugin released under the MIT licence, therefore you can use it anywhere even in commercial projects. Any credit would be really appreciated and help me to provide updates for the plugin.