PageScroll Menu

PageScroll Menu is a perfect solution for One-Page Websites, Landing Pages, but also usable on MultiPage websites. Provides a smooth scrolling animation when you use it with onpage links (anchors). It is very flexible, contains a lot of customizable options in the configuration, some styles are customizable via the plugin’s CSS file.

This idea came from the Aviate – jQuery Drop-Down Mega Menu, it is practically the minified, light version of that plugin.

The plugin built for jQuery and available for free



You can download it from GitHub for completely free.


You can display the menu as vertical or horizontal menu as well, easily set up in the configuration.

Cross-Browser Compatible

Tested on all major browsers, including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera.

Flexible Styles

The plugin provides three styles, it is possible set it to absolute, fixed or inline positioned, depends on your needs.

Landing Page

Regarding to the smooth scroll animation on internal links it is perfect choice for landing pages, but you can also use it on multipage websites.


The menu can be aligned to left, right, top or at the bottom of the page. This flexibility gives you the option to create menu that’s fits to almost all designs.

Custom Style

The font size, colors, background colors configurable easily via the plugin’s CSS file.

Responsive, Mobile-Friendly

The menu automatically detects mobiles and tablets and switch to the mobile view. This feature grants your website will be always available on any devices.

Page Scroll Animation

If you using it with onpage links with anchors, it will be scrolled to the specified section by a smoothly animated effect when the visitor clicks on the link.

MIT Licence

The plugin released under the MIT licence, therefore you can use it anywhere even in commercial projects. Any credit would be really appreciated and help me to provide updates for the plugin.