Modal Survey

modal-survey-mainModal Survey is a premium plugin to get your visitors voice through an attention-grabber poll. Provides lot of customization options including unlimited surveys, questions and answers with animated display.

It has an ability to offer a link at the end of survey, thus much more users will fill the poll. Also has an option to lock the screen with a dark background. With this solution, the visitors only see the website content after they answered for all questions.

The plugin is available exclusively on for WordPress. It has a detailed documentation, provides premium support with constant updates.



Easy to set the starting end the expiry time for each survey. You can also specify the minute of the specified time with a fancy Date Picker.

Parallax Effect

Visitors can see a special parallax effect while scrolling the page with the survey. Always try to catch the users eyes and encourages to fill out.

Cross-Browser Compatible

Tested on all major browsers, including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera.

Visual Builder

The admin area provides many of professional tools with Live Preview to create any survey in minutes.

No limits

Create unlimited surveys, questions and answers, the plugin can handle many of polls, organized by a modern accordion system.

Animated Graphs

Spectacular charts displays the answers of users, separated by different colors for each to keep it clear.


This feature lock the screen with a dark background to hide the content, therefore it is possible to force the users to fill out the survey to get the website visible.

Responsive, Mobile-Friendly

The survey always fit to the user’s device, your visitors will enjoy the same visualisation on any screen, including mobiles and tablets


Offering a download link or any other link at the end of the survey can be helpful to get more people feedbacks.

Tons of Animation Effects

You can select from more than 30 animation effect to make your poll really attention-grabber and unique.



Regular Licence: This is the most common License Type. The Regular License allows you to use the plugin on one website (single end product) which end users are not charged to access or use. It means, you can’t sell that item wordwide. If you are a Freelancer or Digital Studio, you can charge your client.

Extended Licence: With Extended License you can use the item in one single end product, which you or one client may sell to end users (end users can be charged). Extenden Licence is allows you to create a product built on the plugin and sell it on any Envato Marketplace.