Facebook All-In-One Implementation

Facebook All-In-One Implementation

One day, we had an idea to integrate the most important Facebook features in one plugin.
Everyone knows, Social Networks can highly determines the website’s traffic.
We need a flexible solution, that can integrate to any website without any modification of the website’s design.

Facebook Comment Slider

Decided to make a slide bar, that can be separated from the website, but still blend well.

Facebook Comments

ID-10028376The Facebook Comments are a very helpful tool to promote a website, so this could be the first one.
When someone using Facebook Comments on your website, the message will be shared on the user’s timeline and the Facebook automatically recognizes that comment as a Like.

Thanks for this great secret, this could be a double efficiency compared to a single Like Button or Like Box.

Facebook Like Box

ID-100192663The Facebook Like Button still important feature, but not in every cases.
If the user visit a subpage without concrete content (eg.: homepage, sitemap, etc.) the Like Box better solution than Comment Box. Nothing to comment on these pages, but the users also can like those pages as well.

Facebook Wall Post

Most of the companies often updating their portfolio via Facebook Page and these content only displays on Facebook by default. Usually, they also upload the informations to the website, but could be a nice thing, if you need to update only the Facebook Page with the latest informations.
The Facebook Wall Post gathers all informations from your the Facebook Page and displays on your website. Save your time, save your money.

We decided to integrate these three most important function to one plugin to make your life easier.
Each of them can be fully customizable with color style, position (left or right side) with vertical distance and more.

Attention grabbing is very important, therefore you can also find an optional shake effect for each slider.

WordPress and jQuery version also released, if you would like to get it you can read more, check the demo and download page.