Contact Form Slider

Multiple Recipients in a highly customizable Contact Form

Contact Form Slider provides a deeply customizable, responsive Contact Form to your website. Helps for your visitors to get contact with you with a professional, well-designed sliding panel. Supports multiple recipients, unlimited contact forms and contact persons. The whole plugin is multilingual, translatable with any WordPress Localization Plugin. Able to save the contact messages, therefore you will never lose any contact emails even your mailbox doesn’t work properly or temporary stopped. Possible add any number of contacts to the contact form. No more bulk emails in the same mailbox, just simply organize the requests and outsource all messages to the appropriate person in your team. You can even create custom contact form to each authors on your blog or for the leaders’ of your company on their own pages.

The plugin is available exclusively on in WordPress version. It has a detailed documentation, free support and updates.

Create Unique Forms with Video Content

Responsive, Mobile-Friendly

The contact form always fit to the user’s device, your visitors will enjoy the same display on any screen, including mobiles and tablets


Contact Form Slider build with the WordPress standards, it is localizable with any WordPress Localization Plugin.

Message Logging

Optionally save the contact messages and you can view it directly on your WordPress Admin Panel.

Cross-Browser Compatible

Tested on all major browsers, including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera.

Multiple Recipients

Provides the option to add any number of contacts in the same contact form, therefore your visitors can easily choose the right person to send the contact email.

Flexible Positions

Can be display it on the left and the right side of the screen and also possible to set the vertical position of the contact icon.


Provides an option to open the form automatically when the user scrolled down to the bottom of the page. It will improve the chance to get contacted.


This feature lock the screen with a dark background to highlight the entire contact form and ensures a better visibility.

Animation Effects

Animations are combined with jQuery Easing effects, therefore you can choose from around 10 sligthly different open and close animations.

Ajax Validation

The plugin checks the input datas in the background silently and warn the visitors to fill out the required fields.

Various Captcha Modes

Contact Form Slider gives you four different modes including Math Captcha, Image Captcha, Hidden Field Captcha and the disabled mode.

Display Globally

By default, the contact form is displayed on every page of your website. You have an option to enable or disable this option with a simple checkbox.

Display on Specified Pages

With shortcodes, it is possible to add the contact form to any single page or post. You can also add different contact forms to differents pages.

Social Presence

All contacts has it’s own social icons that can be linked to the person’s social profile. Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Skype, Tumblr, Flickr and Foursquare

AutoReply Modes

Contact Form Slider has an option to set global auto-reply messages. In this case all visitor will get the same reply message. Additional option to set custom auto-reply for each contact, therefore you can create personal reply messages.

Detailed Documentation

The step-by-step guide will lead you through the integration and customization.

Flexible Content – HTML

The contact description accepts any HTML content, so you can include a styled text or even an image.

Integrated Styles

Contains predefined styles including dark and light color schemes, it ensures to fit the contact form to any websites.




Regular Licence: This is the most common License Type. The Regular License allows you to use the plugin on one website (single end product) which end users are not charged to access or use. It means, you can’t sell that item wordwide. If you are a Freelancer or Digital Studio, you can charge your client.

Extended Licence: With Extended License you can use the item in one single end product, which you or one client may sell to end users (end users can be charged). Extenden Licence is allows you to create a product built on the plugin and sell it on any Envato Marketplace.