FullScreen Background Slider

FSB Slider provides a background image slideshow with impressive animations built on the latest hardware accelerated CSS3 technology. This jQuery SlideShow plugin helps you to create animated image galllery in the background of your website. You can choose from 36 different animation types and mixed animations also available. The entire background gallery is fully responsive, mobile-ready. All animations powered by hardware accelerated CSS3 transitions.
The source code follows the jQuery standards with minimal size, also minified and obfuscated, but you’ll get the full source file as well. It is possible to display text for each images with highly customizable parameters like position, font size and around 650 Google Font Families. The text on image setting is optional.

The plugin is available exclusively on CodeCanyon.net in jQuery version. It has a detailed documentation, free support and updates.


Responsive, Mobile-Friendly

The slider always fit to the user’s device, your visitors will enjoy the same visualisation on any screen, including mobiles and tablets


The entire slider displayed in a fixed position, therefore the users will always see the images in the background, you can put the content in front of the photos.

Unique Animation Effects

Provides 36 special animations built with the latest Hardware Accelerated CSS3 technology.

Cross-Browser Compatible

Tested on all major browsers, including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera.

Deeply Customizable

You can easily set your own settings like animation time, pattern, font family and more.


Fullscreen Backround Slider provides 20 different patterns, you can set the pattern style or disable it in the configuration.

Old Browsers

On the old browsers the transitions replaced by jQuery Animations to make sure your visitors get the full experience as much as possible.


More than 650 Google Font Style helps you to create animated header titles on each slide.


You can enable the play/pause controls at the bottom-left corner of the screen.


Advanced users can use some special methods of the plugin, like initialization, destroy and update the current pattern.

What our users are saying?

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I looked for a good plug-and-play style background slider – inexpensive where you can plug the script info into your index page and move on. I know basic HTML and CSS and some PHP but beyond that I’m a novice. Very easy to customize, it works and looks great.jkinglet

Very nice design with very well support, recommended.abdou1985


Regular Licence: This is the most common License Type. The Regular License allows you to use the plugin on one website (single end product) which end users are not charged to access or use. It means, you can’t sell that item wordwide. If you are a Freelancer or Digital Studio, you can charge your client. You have to buy a copy for each website you would like to use.

Extended Licence: With Extended License you can use the item in one single end product, which you or one client may sell to end users (end users can be charged). Extenden Licence is allows you to create a product built on the plugin and sell it on any Envato Marketplace.