Aviate DropDown Menu

This menu plugin contains a lot of customization options to create the menu you imagined. With very simple integration, you will get a trendy, responsive, modern drop-down menu
for your website in any color variations. Possible to set the font families, background colors, font colors, position and many more settings in just minutes. Use the menu builder below to find out the menu that's best fit to your website. You can use it as main menu, add submenus with dropdown list or mix these options. The links can be external urls, internal urls or anchors like in a book.

Different font and background colors for the main menu, submenu and for the icon. You can use any hex or rgba color, providing unlimited customization options. The position attribute allows you to set the entire menu to absolute, fixed (always show) or inline. Furthermore it is also possible to set to left, right, top or bottom.Using Font Awesome Icons, the plugin can implement huge amount of custom icons, including the most popular Social Icons. Detects automatically, if the submenu's content sticking out from the screen, in this case the content will be displays on the top instead of the bottom section.With these important features, you can really create an absolutely unique menu.
We tried to develop it to dynamic as possible with preserve the freedom of customization.




Note: Top and Bottom values has no effect when you select Inline type

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Content Background Color:
Border Color:
Main Menu Font Color:
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Icon Color:

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