7 Ways to Increase Social Traffic on Your Website

7 Ways to Increase Social Traffic on Your Website

Social Media is one of the largest business nowadays. I guess it is the second one, right after the search engines, exactly the one of them, called Google. Traffic is the most important thing in the life of a website, without enough visitors, it is nevermind what does it offer, it will be useless. So, if you have already a website or you just planning to start it for your product, hope I can give you some useful suggestions.

The relationship between Google and the Social Traffic is questionable, few years ago the most of the marketers thoughts building a significant base on Social Networks can really improve your organic search rankings. According to the last informations, came directly from Google, the Facebook, Twitter Signals are not the part of the Search Engine Algorithms.

As long as we can’t be sure, which one is true it is worth to build up a followers base on social networks, possibly on few. Anyway, Social Websites can brings valuable visitors to your website, so it is constantly worth to make effort to promote your website on them. Don’t use multi social plugin, that offers connection with huge amount of social networks, but each connection needs time, so it will slows your website. Choose only few really popular networks, but keep it clean and fresh with your news constantly. It could be daily, weekly or even monthly, just don’t forget to provides updates to your followers. You will find an idea below, how can you automate this process.


This is the one of the largest Social Network, if not the biggest one. So many social plugins out there, but the most of them won’t change your life. You need to be smart and take the advantage of Facebook as much as you can. Single Like or Share buttons are essentials, but the question how can you maximize this opportunity. I recommend to use Facebook Comments Plugin to get the most visitors. It is usually contains a Like and Share button, furthermore when the visitor leaves a comment, it will be equal with a like and share, as well as shared on the user’s personal wall. It is a double effect, because you got two valuable interaction at the same time with one single comment.


Google Plus

Since the Search Engine Giant introduced the +1 button, everyone knows it will be an important detail. It is. It would be nice to get lot of +1, but the network is not popular enough. This is the fact, I ordered it only to the second place. Create your personal or business page on Google+, search for people with same interests and follow them. In the first round, following around 20-30 profiles can be enough, then you have to create short and valuable contents. Very important to publish contents constantly, for the best results, at least 2 on a day. You can make it automatically, no need to sit in front of the computer twice a day. There is a great social tool out on the market for this purpose, called Buffer. With this free application, it is possible to create a lot of posts in advance and set the time to publish. Placing a +1 button to your website should also a great step to get more organized traffic. Websites with more +1 can get more visitors from Google. Personally I prefer the AddThis social buttons, because I can get a detailed stats about the user interactions, free and it is highly customizable, but you can find many more alternatives.




You may already know, YouTube is also the property of Google. However, others use it for funny videos and other purposes, you can use it for demonstrate the power of your products. After created your own channel, copy the link and put it to your website, so your newly added YouTube videos already has an active link outside, therefore Search Engines will find and use it faster. Really easy to make fullscreen or windowed videos with ezvid and you can instantly upload it to YouTube. Would be great, if you can create a demo video about your products, but if it is not possible, just put an image to a short video. Save your website link in the description of the video, so the YouTube visitors can easily jump through to your page.



I like it, because very easy to keep it refreshed. The point of the Twitter to share short messages with or without links and images, so anyone can do it quickly in minutes. I mentioned above an option to make it automatically, you can use it in this case as well. Don’t tweet about your products every time, share other tweets, sometimes write a short quote without links and you will get more followers. If you are new on Twitter, search for users with similar niche and follow them, but don’t follow a large amount of accounts in short time, because you will be banned, follow 30-40 users at the same day safely. Probably it will need few months to build up your followers base, but it can worth later and you don’t have to spend it too much time. You can also find some Twitter Wall Plugins to display your Twitter stream on the website.


Choose this one, if the product related with images. I mean if you would like to promote a web hosting service, you will not able to make screenshots and any images about that, so in that case it is almost useless for you. Pinterest is the largest photo sharing social network, you can Pin any image to your wall and others can also share it. This is the best for designers, but the most of the websites has a lot of images to Pin, so it can brings some traffic to you as well. If you wouldn’t like to make a lot effort to this, you can search for Pinterest Pin It Plugins and use it on your website, so some users will Pin your images automatically if they like it.


Even though it is not the most popular social network, it is too simple to don’t use. Basically, we talking about a social bookmarking website, only you need to do is add the link of your website and the visitors can vote for it. The point of this page, the users can browse sites in different categories, therefore it is very important to add your link to the appropriate category. Done. There is no other task with this, but you can also follow other users and vote for their links. I didn’t do it, it isn’t a large enough website for me to worth more time.


The main profile of Behance is the Portfolio, so primarily made it for businesses. Unfortunately, it needs constant work to keep it fresh. When I uploaded my portfolio (around 6-8 items), only in the first days I got some new visits. I heard about other users who only promote items only on Behance and it is great for them, this is the reason I didn’t miss out the page from this list. Probably, if you can use this network oftenly and know the community, get friends, it can be great.
Images created by Marco PaköeningratRobbie Shadejm3 on Flickr

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